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Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 15% – 23%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Skywalker is a popular strain across the United States, a hybrid with an even 50:50 sativa/indica ratio. Its THC levels top off at about 15 percent, making this an average to below-average strain in terms of potency. But it makes up for that with its mellow body high and mental clarity, plus a pleasing aroma and flavor. It’s a cross of Blueberry and Mazar-I-Sharif, both famous strains in their own right. The high is mostly relaxed, with euphoria and a mood boost. This is a good strain for insomnia, as well as anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, migraines, and PMS. It’s particularly effective at pain relief. Dry mouth and red eyes are likely, while other adverse are much more limited. The taste of this strain is pungent and sweet, with earthy tones. Skywalker is most commonly found on the West Coast, in Arizona, and in Colorado. But it’s relatively easy to find on any legal market, as well as the black market in many parts of the country. The indica stress relief of this versatile strain make it a good choice for patients looking for a break.

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6 reviews for skywalker strain

  1. lim lamb

    Earthy and Nutty (almonds in particular), quite easy to take a lot of quick small-medium hits without any problem, big hits will fuck your throat because it’s really potent, flavor is easy to find and lasts for a really long time after you’ve had 3-5 hits. No headaches, full stress less, kills quite a lot of pain, time moves extremely slow. Munchies are there but if you’re experienced you can control if you’re semi-experienced. Took about 15-20 min to get into the “ah I am actually high” state, bit of a slower that creeps up on you, things almost move in slow motion, flavor lasts really loooong and develops into a bit earthy/woody almost smoky tones but at the same time with sudden hints of citrus and sweetness, quite a lot of couch lock effect, really nice and warm body high. Probably not very suitable to do in larger quantities if you’re a beginner as it hits you really hard and suddenly and is really hard to control even for an experienced user of lord Jesus favorite plant. Nice high though, really nice. Def something I’d consider buying on like a weekly basis. Please note that I wrote this down after I smoked 2 joints of like 0.5-0.7g each in 30 minutes and randomly got an urge to document my high like I am trying to hack into NASA. I bought Skywalker OG (mix between Skywalker and OG Kush) so I am not 100% sure how it compares to the Alien mix but they seem similar. Smoke responsibly.

  2. vanvam

    I love my Indicas and I am drawn to Indica dominant strains ans Skywalker is that. Nice and mellow with good conversation or dinner at a restaurant for relaxation. It helps with my back spasms and relaxes my muscles.

  3. cory james

    Had this migraine for two days and was getting worst. Took a few vape hits within a few minutes….headache gone super relaxed. Euphoric, uplifted then got a little sleepy. I slept great by the way woke up energized.

  4. frank

    Skywalker is one of my faves for anxiety and mood swings

  5. gravewood

    It’s a phenomenal body high. I was super pleased and pretty happy.

  6. ronnette

    This strain is amazing

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