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king louie strain

 Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

King Louie XIII is an indica dominant hybrid strain which is super strong. With a 70:30 indica/sativa ratio, it has a sensational 20% THC content. The strain is named after the King Louie XIII of France for a very good reason and it does not disappoint. The buds are incredibly dense and large all the while being covered with orange hairs. You will notice light greens amongst the whites, it is a treat for any cannabis user to say the least. The smell is incredibly fresh, heavy, but sweet at the same time. Additionally, it is very tasty, it is a perfect blend of sweet and sours, thus making it an ideal strain to medicate with. King Louie will overwhelm your senses, it is not a creeper and instead hits hard. You will experience a heavy feeling throughout your  and head all the while feeling euphoric and happy. Considering its effects, the strain is recommended for night time use. It is the perfect solution for individuals who are suffering from insomnia as it will knock you out for good in a matter of minutes. That being said, King Louie has plenty to offer and is just as effective for treating chronic pains and aches as well.branches are held tight so they do not break. Typically,King Louie XIII grows 110-130cm in height and its flowers blossom fully in a time period of 55-60 days. King Louie XIII is usually harvested in September. King Louie XIII carries a sweet but strong original taste with hints of pine. This variety of marijuana strain has an odor of forest and pine with strong characteristics of skunk. With a THC content of 17-22 percent and a CBD level of 2.8 percent, King Louie XIII provides with a very strong and lasting effect. From a medicinal perspective, King Louie XIII is used for insomnia, pain relief, anorexia, chemotherapy and anxiety. Since King Louie XIIIleads to immediate and intense effects, it is increasingly used for patients dealing with anxiety.

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1 review for King Louie Strain

  1. benny mccoy

    king louie is bomb, really beautiful strain, with amazing, great looking buds. If you are searching for an indica strain, i surely can recommend this flower. A combination of Gelato 33 and Wedding cake, one of my favs strains.king louie is a delicious, powerful flower that will leave you stocked. the buds look amazing, dank, dense green tones with astonishing orange almost red hairs with trichomes everywhere, a frosty, bright, and dank flower. the aroma will leave you knocked out of happiness, strong aromas come out of the buds with ease. A delicious vanilla flavor can be spotted in each toke, you are going to crave for more and more. the effects, as described in the info, lifting with relaxing effects, you’ll feel the sensation in the eyes, head, and body, a nice euphoric rush with happiness, creativity and relaxation, the long lenght effects could be described as an intense body high, a couch lock. A perfect pick for an after-work, evening, or night sesh. dont hesitate, if you see Ice cream cake in your neighborhood, buy it. Approved by the green seal.

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